The City of Leipzig

The City of Leipzig - A town centre ...

full of sights !

In the centre of Leipzig you can see a lot of anient buildings, monuments and sights, which all can easy be reached on a sightseeing walk.

Just a small selection of sights - worthwhile to be seen:

The market square with the ancient town hall, the 'Naschmarkt' with the ancient trade market, Katharinen street, St. Thomas and St. Nicholas Church, Augustus square with the 'Gewandhaus' concert hall, the opera house and the new building of the university - and not to forget the many arcades in Leipzig like the 'Mädlerpassage' with Auerbach's Cellar, the 'Strohsackpassage' or the arcades in Speck's courtyard. At the end of your sightseeing tour you can enjoy the panoramic view of Leipzig seen from the top of the high-rise building at the Augustus square 'Uniriese'.

St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

Das alte Rathaus in Leipzig

The 'Gewandhaus' Concert Hall in Leipzig

The new University building in Leipzig

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